How to Throw a Successful Outdoor Event

21 June 2017
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Australia is blessed with beautiful hot weather - so it seems a shame to let it go to waste.  As such, the next time you're planning a corporate event, be it big or small, consider putting the sun on your guest list: hold it outside!  Whether you're looking to get ideas flowing between staff members, or good energy to and from your clients, nothing will open up the atmosphere of your party like fresh air and a little vitamin D.  Of course, the heat can get overbearing if it's not correctly managed, so there are a few elements you'll need to plan in order to pull this off.


Anybody who's spent more than a couple of minutes standing in the heat without hope of shelter will already have spotted the first potential pitfall with an outdoor event.  As it turns out, you can have too much of a good thing when it comes to the sun - so make sure to provide your guests with plenty of shade and shelter.  This doesn't just mean putting up one solitary awning.  You should calculate exactly how many guests you'll be inviting, and allow space for every single one of them to stand under the shade at once.  They more than likely won't - but they should be able to comfortably fit if they so choose.  A good way to provide shade is to hire one or more marquees; they're nice and stable, and a great relief from the heat.  You can find them in varying sizes and styles to suit both your event and your budget.


There should be plenty of drinks available for your guests at all times - including water.  This is especially true if you'll be serving alcohol, as your guests could potentially become dehydrated.  Be sure to bring enough ice and coolers to keep everyone happy for the duration of the event - or keep drinks in a powered refrigerator in a nearby building.

Cool Air

If you are going to be providing a marquee or similar temporary construction, consider bringing in a portable air conditioning unit to create an even more comfortable relief from the sun.  This is especially important for the hottest days; if everybody crowds into the space at once, there probably won't be much relief from the heat unless there's a little air con assistance!  Some marquee companies may provide these on request, or be able to recommend hire companies; see what your hire company recommends.

Of course, you do also want your guests to be outside a little and enjoy the day; if not, the event may as well be held inside.  Encourage your guests to nip out from the shade by playing music outside; that way, you can posit the outdoors as the primary area for the event, and the marquee as a rest spot for a little reprieve - not the main attraction.  Good luck, and happy planning!